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I am on my last exam on level 4 and I chose Business Tax. The problem is that the text books I used were based on The Finance Act 2013. I studied with these books towards the end of last year, with a view to sitting the exam in January 2015. Apparently AAT changed the exam in January and when I did the exam, some of the content like thresholds and so on had changed. This raised questions in my head as to what else had changed, or was different to what I had learned with the (Finance 2013 text book)

My main point was to find out what in the new exam has changed relative to the old one, I.e. up to 31st December 2014. As well as where I can find out precisely what texts to use, that have the new content or changes of the exam. I did ring the AAT but apparently they cannot help and they advised me to seek the help of Kaplan or BPP. (Which honestly filled me with wonderment. The awarding body doesn't know what is in it's exams or what has changed in them!)

Anyway, if anyone can help direct me to the correct content or text books. I would be very grateful.


  • SarahLF
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    I'm doing business tax FA14 now, sorry I'm not sure of the exact changes but can tell you which books I have. They are osborne business tax (finance act 2014) ISBN 9781909173477 and 9781909173484 and the BPP question bank again business tax finance act 14 ISBN 9781471709424. Hope this helps.
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    I used the Osborne business tax book you stated above. It's just that I internalise things in a very specific and regimented way, that leaves little room for mistake. So for example I learned the personal allowance as £9440, while I appreciate this changes from year to year (and in excel it takes seconds to change), but for the purposes of this exam that is what was required.
    But if that was changed in Jan 2015 (which it obviously has), then my natural instinct during the exam will go back to the figure I learned rather than the new one, which I learned literally on the day of the exam had changed.
    Plus this is the only exam I've failed on this level which has annoyed me and I do not want a repeat of that given the time and method of my preparation.
    I'll just look through the 2015 finance act and taxation policy and practice, and hope that eliminates the knowledge gap/discrepancy.

    Thank you for trying to help, and I wish you the best for your exam and full qualification soon!
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