Anyone doing ICAS right now?

As above. I'm writing the report at present, on the given case study.
I have A to Z Vehicles. Anyone got the same and fancy discussing?


  • hasan
    hasan Registered Posts: 65
    I should be starting ICAS soon probably next week, keep me updated.
  • dominik12171
    dominik12171 Registered Posts: 1
    Hi all
    I have A to Z Vehicle too but I am a bit confused. In this report we must focuse on one of the accounting functions, right? I am getting crazy cause of this scenario. There is not a lot information about trade receivables nor trade payables so I really do not know what area I should focuse on?????? is it ok if I will write about Cash Book for example????????? please can anyone help me or advice..... could you suggest any list of areas that I can focuse on???
  • andystroud
    andystroud Registered Posts: 2
    Hi all. I have just finished my project and what a relief!. Buy the osbourne text book. Will be the best 15 quid you will ever spend. You can do it about any function within an "accounts function". So cashbook would be perfect. You can start by highlighting the current procedures and then speak about the weaknesses and what you can change. Dont worry about the word count, you will probably find you have gone over!
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