ISYS Comparing Accounting Software HELP


Almost finished my ISYS project :)

I've suggested the company in the case study should purchase Sage and I've done a comparison between all the available Sage products etc filled in my cost benefit analysis but my lecturer as now said that I need to show that I've compared Sage to other brands of accounting software? Help please!! Can someone suggest other software to compare to?



  • MissP
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    A simple google search would have done it. Other than Sage I've also heard of Pegasus, Quickbooks, Intuit, Oracle, SAP and Kashflow.

    You could also compare it to Excel (which may or may not be the company's current system for accounting within the case study - if it is what the case study company is currently using, like mine, I talk more about it's limitations and what it could hypothetically cost the company to continue using it as well).
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