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Hi there,

Having completed an Access course I have now enrolled to do the Level 1 Certificate which covers some of the same modules from the Access course. I am trying to source some learning materials to accompany the course but cannot seem to find anything. Does anyone have any ideas?
I think I may have to get books for each of the new modules that we have not covered in the Access course (bookkeeping and accounts, computerised payroll admin, payroll processing etc.) the problem being that there do not seem to be any books on these topics at level 1, have looked at Amazon primarily.


  • lennay
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    Hi joannemaria I have had a look and can't find any topic specific books for the Level 1 Certificate, have you tried contacting your training provider for more information? The AAT website has lots of revision material in their study support search for each topic you need.
  • joannemaria
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    Hi Lennay, thanks for replying.

    As it is such a new course it is difficult to find out what will be helpful from the college. I will have another look at the study support section and see if I can get an answer from tutor. Thanks again.
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