Goodbye job, hello career!

I am currently unemployed and part way through my AAT level 3. I would love an accountancy job but everyone wants experience, of which I have none at all. Level 3 is my first experience to the world of accountancy.

My question is how do I get the required experience when everyone wants experience?? I live in Swindon. Does anyone know of anywhere I could perhaps volunteer at for a few months?

Many thanks.


  • ChristianB
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    Hi @greenfly

    We have a great article on our blog which looks at how you can gain work experience through volunteering. I'd advise that you have a good read of it, as it includes some useful links.

    With so many people applying for each vacancy, you need to ensure your job application really sells your ability and potential. You'll need to make sure your application illustrates any real-world experience you've already gained, whether in the finance industry or not.

    What transferable skills do you have which would be of benefit to an employer? What extra-curricular activities have you carried out that demonstrate your worth as a reliable, responsible team-player?

    For more valuable tips on making your job application the best it can be, read the advice in the thread 'How do I make my AAT apprenticeship application stand out?' - you might not be going for an apprenticeship, but a lot of the same rules apply in terms of demonstrating your suitability for a role.

    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support:
  • greenfly
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    Thanks a lot for your advice ChristianB! I'll definitely have a read through. :)
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