Level 4 Difficulty


I am after a bit of student advice.

I am currently in the middle of studying level 3. I have Accounts Prep, Sole Traders and Ethics left to do.

I skipped level 2 and just read through the books and self taught to make sure I was up to speed. (this took me around 6 weeks).

I just would like to know some honest opinions of how difficult level 4 is?

I am finding level 3 fairly simple. I am studying part time at college 2 evenings a week. Then I am spending around 1-2 hours each week consolidating what I have learnt.

I am not working in an accounts department at the moment.

I really want to study level 4 as I have the capacity to do it at the moment and my plan is to do this whilst on maternity leave next year (I am currently 3 months pregnant).

Am I going to struggle witht the work? Is it a big jump from Level 3 (bearing in mind i find L3 quite easy and I have passed all 3 exams at the moment with 95% +)

Also, is this level studied the same as Level 3, eg, you do one unit, then sit the exam. Is there an order that the exams need to be done in?

My current class will start level 4 in sept and I cannot join them until around January/February time which will leave me with at least 1 unit to catch up on the september after.

I hope that makes sense! Thanks very much for any advice you can give.


  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645

    Yes it is a jump from level 3, but if you're comfortable with level 3 then you shouldn't struggle. I found around 2hrs study, 4 days a week was enough to take an exam every 3 weeks. You seem happy with the level 3 content so doubt you need the college support if self-study is an option.
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