Business tax?

Hi all

I'm looking for some advise. My college only offers Personal Tax and Credit Control at L4. I'm thinking of studying ATT after AAT and if I complete Business Tax, I get an exemption from ATT. I am considering self teaching this unit and wondered if anyone could advise how difficult the unit is and if anyone has self taught it? Any experience or advice most welcome.

Thank you


  • DSAJ
    DSAJ Registered Posts: 3
    I've self taught all of my units, taking the business Tax exam tomorrow. There is a lot of information in business tax but if you have done personal tax it shouldn't be too hard. I started learning BT 3 days ago half heartedly. Tonight will be my first proper evening of hardcore learning and I think I'll pass tomorrow. Really depends on you. I would say the tax units are hardest of the qualification though.
  • AAT1989
    AAT1989 Registered Posts: 17
    Thanks very much, much appreciated
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