Financial Performance - Variances, please help!!

Hi All

I am struggling like mad to remember any way of calculating variances for the Financial Performance unit - can anyone help? Has anyone got any clever way of remembering how to calculate them?

Thanks in advance!


  • AAT1989
    AAT1989 Registered Posts: 17
    Thank you so much! To be honest, I'm struggling with them all - I just can't seem to get it into my head how to calulate them :-(
  • AAT1989
    AAT1989 Registered Posts: 17
    Yes that really helps, it actualy makes sense of what I'm trying to calculate! Thanks so much :-)
  • onwards
    onwards Registered Posts: 23
    This may be a simple tip but it helped me out.
    don't get caught it in remembering all the formula's inside out, take a step back and think logically i.e. how much should something have cost compared to how much it did cost, is the result good or bad.
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