Financial Statements, if I leave out questions can I still pass?

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Hi all.

I've got financial statements exam on Wednesday and have worked out that if I were to just answer questions 1,2,5,6 & 7 and get them 100% correct then I would get 70% overall.

Would that be a pass for the exam?

I'm not planning to do the above, but could get stuck with little to say on question 3 or 4 if something I don't know thoroughly enough turns up and end up with no marks from one of these questions.

I can't quite get 100% on the other questions, but I'm close so hoping that will push me through. Basically I'm after a confidence boost because at this point I'm thinking this could be my first exam fail. :o

Anyhow, rambling as usual!


  • Diddy Mau
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    Like shamil says, don't just leave it blank. the smallest of answers might get you some marks. it all depends on how the questions are weighted. 1 & 2 might only be worth a couple of marks while question 3 has a lot of marks associated with it.

    I would try all and you never know, it looks better to try and be wrong than put nothing
  • richf
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    Ah... You might be right about weighting.

    Did the two online mocks last night and despite the math questions being 70% of marks the test said I'd only done 63% of the test.

    Not planning to leave question... Was wondering if could pass test with zero marks from a question.... As could happen.
  • richf
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    Thanks @shamil91 and @Diddy Mau .

    Took the test this morning, think I did well on the math type questions and managed to get answers down for the wordy questions.

    The wordy question on standards threw me a bit but must of got a mark or two out of it.

    Fingers crossed I've passed.

    Start my Personal Tax module tonight, hope the first lesson is not too bad as my brain is feeling like mush!

    Thanks again.

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