Struggling for motivation at Level 3... help!

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I'm part way through my Level 3 studies (I passed Level 2 last year) and finding it really difficult to balance full-time work, family life and studying. So much so that it's sapping my enthusiasm for continuing with accountancy. My wife has recently gone back to working full time having been part time for a couple of years and is now working 6 days a week and often doesn't get home until after 6pm, so a lot of the household duties are falling on my shoulders now (we have two children under 11).

I've got a job as a finance assistant in the accounts department of a company but the job has become very boring as all I do is put invoices on the system, weekly bank recs, expense form processing and keeping tabs on the petty cash etc. Things have changed since I started here almost 2 years ago and I'm nowhere near as busy as I used to be. It's now got to the point where I can't even see why I'm employed full time! What's worse is that I'm not doing any 'real' accountancy stuff that would back up my college course.

I don't want to give this up as I'm paying for my course myself but I don't know how to get myself out of this rut. I'll admit that I'm basically doing no studying at all for my one day a week at college either, which isn't helping things sink in. Without studying during the week I'm finding Level 3 pretty difficult but the lack of enthusiasm, which I think stems from my boredom at work, doesn't encourage me to get my books out during the week so it's a bit of a catch 22. Is Level 3 REALLY that hard? Or is it because I'm not putting in the effort during the week that I'm struggling so much?

Has anyone else had difficulties like this? How can I get myself motivated again?


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    OMG, I actually thought "Did I write this post one night when I had had a few too many glasses of wine?" as this sounds scarily like me!! ;)
    I too work as a finance assistant pretty much doing the same things you suggest like bank recs, petty cash and invoice posting but I would really like to get down to the nitty gritty. The company are a little quiet atm therefore work is slow and tedious but on my non productive days I take this opportunity to study (away from the kids lol) as I know my employer would rather see me studying than twiddling my thumbs! They are funding the course for me as an apprentice. My husband is also my house husband and he has just gone back to a hectic job for the summer season and I work full time and one afternoon at college.
    I decided to take level 3 over 2 years as I knew over 1 year would be too hectic. How long did you opt for? I have only taken one exam CSTR which I passed and have my second in 2 weeks (Spreadsheets). What units are you finding particularly difficult? I must admit I did a gruelling 4 months of continuous studying to pass my CSTR exam so by no means is any of it "easy" but I then went on to Spreadsheets which for me didn't require so much revision and now I am just itching to get the exam over with. Once you get in to the swing of things again, you will soon remember why you decided to take up accountancy and get your mojo back!!!!!
    Sorry I waffled on a bit but my main point was we are all in the same boat in one way or another and just wanted you to know you're not on your own!So the best of luck with your studies and keep fighting! :)
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    I think two years is plenty of time to spend in a job so it could be worth looking for something more challenging to boost your interest and hopefully get more money too! In fact could finishing off L3 be motivated by being more employable and therefore a route to a less boring job? I lost motivation during L3 but had the deadline for the old syllabus looming so finished it quickly, otherwise I'd have had to sit ethics again. I've lost motivation again near the end of my first L4 module. I have no job, that should be a motivating factor, but I do have two small kids so it's hard to find the energy and easy to find excuses. Starting is the hardest bit and it's easier once it becomes a habit. Perhaps a couple of hours in the library and away from distractions could help. I also liked watching the videos off MyAAT or YouTube when it was difficult to carry on reading. Nothing at L3 is too hard (I hope it's the same at L4) it just takes time and effort. Try to keep your books easy to access and your work area clear. Just a few minutes reading (on the loo, waiting for the kettle to boil, on the bus...) can help get back into it and realise that it isn't as scary as they first appeared. I need to listen to my own advice and get the books out tonight - Easter holidays so no chance until they are in bed!
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