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This may have already been posted previously so apologies for the repeat.

I'm looking to apply for ACCA and wanting to know if there is a list of accountancy firms or a way of applying to an firm that will put me through the ACCA qualification while working for them.

I've searched through the ACCA website but when it comes to their employment section it seems to be mainly aimed individuals already ACCA qualified. I am also asking this question to them directly but I wanted to know if there is any other AAT students in my situations who may have had some luck or advise.

Thanks in advance!


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    Although ACCA does have approved employers, as I understand it unlike ACA you do not need to work for one to become qualified. You just need a suitably qualified person to sign off on your technical work experience. This may be helpful:


    Almost all accountancy practices that take trainees will support ACCA, just Google local firms. This may help also help: https://www.acca-business.org/dom/ (it seems to be a very slow site).

    In my experience if you work in industry in a dedicated finance department, most will offer some kind of study support as long as it will benefit the company, although they may have a preference for another qualification (eg. CIMA). However finding such a position may need the question asking on a case-by-case basis or at least job adverts perusing. This shows those recruiting via ACCA careers: https://www.accacareers.ie/recruiting-now

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that no list of approved employers is published, though as above, you don't really need one.

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    Thank you for this, from looking around I thought this might have been the case, the links are a fantastic help and look to be a great place to start.

    I still have a few months to wait yet before I start to look into it fully and make the jump but these will help me prepare much better when the time comes!

    Thanks again!
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