Director with Nil salary & authorising your agent

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Hi all,

Hope you can shed some light on this topic..

Does a Director and only shareholder of a newly formed private limited company expecting to receive nil salary for the time being need to register on the PAYE scheme? Reason for no salary is due to no business having taken place yet.. I have been doing some research but find different opinions.. Im guessing that if a salary is expected in the future then will have to register for PAYE anyway so is it worth registering now or waiting?

Also, the Director is not using any agent but representing herself, will she still need to fill out the "Authorising your agent" form received from HMRC and just authorise herself?

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    No there would be no need to register as new employer until the moment she starts paying herself. If she is representing herself then she would not need a 64/8 agent form she would need to register with government gateway etc so she can file corporation tax returns, dormant acs, self assessment etc.
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    Agree, however if the director needs to file a P11D (benefits), she would need a PAYE scheme.
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    Thank you both for your answers, it is clear now!
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