Failed exam, re-sit falls on new tax year

yramventura Registered Posts: 2
Hello. I enrolled for Personal Tax 2013/14, took exam on 2013/14 but failed. Due for a re-sit next month so I'm trying to do the mock assessments on MyAAT. I noticed however that they (questions and answers) are not updated to the current standard. My understanding is that AAT is supposed to help student members all the way or until student passes. Am I wrong in my understanding? How do I get access to new version of practice assessments online? Your help is much appreciated.


  • yramventura
    yramventura Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you for that, gives me the idea to look at Finance Acts changes relevant to PT, ie allowances. Thing is I'm not sure which one will be given as pop-ups and which one to memorize. Anyway, got to do it. Btw, good luck, hope you pass this time too.
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