Help needed with SSP

Hello everyone I’m having some trouble with SSP calculations for the following example.
Hopefully someone can care to take the time to have a look it would be much appreciated.
Example: Tax year 2013/14
Employee ‘A’ telephones his employer on Monday 6th May (2013) to report of an injury that occurred playing football on thr previous Saturday. He has seen his doctor and has been given a certificate covering the whole week. On Monday 13th of May he returns to work.
His qualifying days are Monday to Friday inclusive.
After returning on Monday the 13th he finds he is still in pain and goes sick again after work on Tuesday 21st.
On Monday 22nd of July is away with Flu. He reports that the first day of sickness was Saturday 20th. He returns on Monday 29th July.
What dates will qualify for SSP on each occasion he is off sick?
How much SSP will he be entitled to on each occasion he is off sick?

Assume his average earnings are over £109 per week
So yeah I’m having trouble with the above scenario any help would be great.
Many thanks


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