Payroll/accounts software and CIS Taxation

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Hey guys,

I have my first client . Starting some time in APRIL.
Bookkeeping and payroll. He has to complete CIS Taxation and I am wandering what does everyone use for this?
His previous bookkeeper uses money soft? Is this recommended ?
Is there a good place to find more info on CIS tax? I've downloaded HMRC Guide and know the 20/30% tax rates etc
but want to ensure I have all the information required
He also uses Sage, but I'm free to choose any software.
Any recommendations? I have VT But could pay for a better one if required


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  • villapb
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    hi sage does it all for you...........quickbooks bit more manual you have to know the rules..........I have used both and now using sage
  • stevo5678
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    Payroll manager by moneysoft is the most popular for small practices. I was recommended it my many others and haven't looked back. They give a free trial.

  • burg
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    Another vote for Moneysoft. Far easier to use and far cheaper than Sage.

  • Neillaw
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    Moneysoft for me
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