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Hi everyone I have just started a new senior accounts role for company, I have noticed when they get old invoices from suppliers which have sat on someone's desk for months, which is going to change btw............they change the date of the invoice to be in this months I saw an invoice dated 12 Nov 14, inputted on sage as 12 March 2015, they say its so it doesn't alter the previous reports................can they do this I didn't like it tbh......


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    I have not used Sage for a while but the various other softwares I have worked with would automatically adjust the VAT omitted in previous periods to be included in the next VAT return. This is fine as long as it is under the reporting threshold.

    Unless there is another reason (i.e change from FRS to standard VAT) I would have thought Sage could handle this too. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable amending the invoices' date.

    When you mention "reports" I have assumed VAT returns - or do you mean management accounts?
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    My company also used to do this and I didn't like it either so have stopped it.

    It was because of management reporting but nothing that can't be fixed with an adjustment so that management 'see' the transaction in the current month.
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    Thanks, yes its because of management reports but the directors don't really look in detail, so im stopping it, put the correct tax date.......
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    The old chestnut of back dating invoices - I haven't used sage for a couple of years but there is a problem with the vat return as the back dated invoices won't be shown on the audit trails so you if you print/store your audit trails they will become different to your vat return.

    I use to hate backposting!
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