Financial performance!!!!

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask if anyone that has sat this unit, about how they prepared best for it. I am currently going through the Osborne books and feel there is so much to go through.

Are there any tutors on here or students ? that have completed this unit who would please share there experience and also let me know about what exactly comes up in the actual assessment rather than trying to remember the whole book!

Your help will be much appreciated.

kind regards

Financial performance
Financial statements left to do.


  • Marco
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    i have sat on this exam 3 weeks ago, i suggest work on variance which u will get 4 question on that and learn how to analyse the variance which is the last question and it is written part. Best thing to do is practice on aat wesite assessment text in 2013 and also 2010, make sure u do all those question and practice as much as u can on them, I think with new lay out of the aat website u not beable to access to the 2010 question but i can email it to you if you want,
    best of luck
  • Haysah
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    I just passed this unit practice as many different questions as you can know your variances practice the written questions to. Also What If and limiting factor questions know some base knowledge on the subject there were a few multi choice questions. Best method revision is past papers and textbook questions. I did not come across anything that we did not see in a past paper. They just change the lay out on a few questions ever so slightly but it was ok. As always keep doing as may questions as you can and focus on your weaker areas.
  • hasan
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    Haysah i've got this exam on the 20th May, i'm using Osbourne books
  • adow
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    hi guys,

    just wanted to ask if any one can help me how to get sample assessment of financial performance in 201, it is out of aat website
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