level 4 - recommended unit to start

Witch unit is the best to start learning on lvl 4 ?


  • zippi
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    I attend a training centre and this is how we started:

    1. Budgeting
    2. Financial Performance
    3. Credit control (optional unit)
    4. Financial Statements
    5. Cash Management (optional unit)
    6. Internal control and Accounts (ISYS) Project

    Budgeting and financial performance are similar and they compliment each other. One looks at historical whilst other looks at future performance. Project can be done any time whist doing these units as you can get upto 6 months to complete it.

    Hope this helps.
  • ariadne
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    If you have just finished Level 3 if it may be easier to start with a module related to one you've recently finished. I'm starting with Financial Statement for this reason. Then budgeting and financial performance in that order - I think budgeting is easier and module smaller so a more gradual start and there is a bit of cross over. These are the three core modules which leaves the project and options - I've seen personal tax as best done before business tax, again the latter is harder.
  • AGI2015
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    thank you guys @ariadne @zippi
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