ISYS/ICAS mapping

Help please! I'm trying to finish mapping my project and am having problems with 1.2 explain the various business purposes for which the following financial information is required: statement of profit and loss, cash flow, financial position. I know what they're asking me to do here, just can't seem to decide on where best this 'fits' in the report. Any advice gratefully received! Thanks.


  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645
    What about in the section where you explain the functions of the finance department? You could lead one into the other.
  • JO0306
    JO0306 Registered Posts: 2
    I spoke to my lecturer about it and he said if it doesn't fit anywhere it's fine to put in the introduction. I'll see if I can add it in the record keeping section first though. Thanks!
  • Ricota81
    Ricota81 Registered Posts: 5
    Hi guys, I just finished my first draft for ISYS and sent it to my tutor to get his feedback. However, I am not sure I have covered the mapping criteria 2.5 correctly. Can anyone advise please? Thanks
  • hasan
    hasan Registered Posts: 65
    Ricota81, what scenario are you doing ?
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