Bank statement date 1st rec to 31st?

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Hi all,

Long day and thought I'd sort our bank recs before I left. But bit stumped.

Problem is both our bank statements seem to go to 1st April this month, vs our monthly sales report going to 31st March.
Not sure if I should just reconcile up to 31st march or till bank statement date?




  • Gem7321
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    Does your bank statement have a running balance ie. can you identify the balance as at 31 March? Assuming your year end is 31 March I would reconcile to 31 March and then do another reconciliation for 1 April.
  • richf
    richf Registered Posts: 86 New contributor 🐸

    They do have running balances, but year end is September?

    I'm reconciling our receipts and purchases and two bank accounts and it is not adding up this month!
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