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We have just received our latest invoice from Worldpay since they changed how they charge credit card transactions and it was enormous!
Can any one recommend another supplier that does not charge as much or at least does not charge for very transaction.
Our costs for March are up by almost 100% because most of our transactions are over £25
How do you pass this cost on to your customers without causing a riot?
Help please


  • jewels.p
    jewels.p Registered Posts: 1,774
    We use Barclaycard. We get charged £15/month for the Terminal. £0.98 per Debit Card Transaction. 1.69% of each transaction for Credit Cards and 2.34% of each transaction for Commercial Credit Cards. Not sure how this compares to your charges. When our Customers pay we tell them there is a charge for paying by Card and most are ok as they realise we are a small business and have to cover the cost of the transactions. You do get the odd one who moans and says we don't pay anywhere else and trying to get them to understand that Tescos have millions of transactions so wont get charged the amounts we do can be a pain. We could do what a lot of people do (probably including Tescos) and bed it in to the cost of our products but as some people still pay by cash we decided just to do it the way we do now.
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