2 remaining units to sit, please help.

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Hi guys,

Hope all are well, I've just got Financial Performance and financial statements to sit and just wanted to ask which should I sit first?

I hope to have these both sat by late June.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions below.

Thank you


  • harrycierpiol
    harrycierpiol Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
    Hi Billy,

    Having sit them both and from my experience of these two exams, there weren't any benefits of sitting one after the other as they are two totally different exams.

    Where one focuses on financial accounts & standards (Financial statements) the other focuses on detailed variances & comparing performance.

    I preferred financial statements but probably because it had more interest to me as I work in practice.

    If you have taken budgeting recently which does link to financial performance I'd suggest taking this first, but apart from this, either way won't do any harm!

    Good luck!
  • onwards
    onwards Registered Posts: 23
    Yeah I agree it doesn't really matter what order you do those 2 exams in.
    the only thing I would suggest on the order of your 2 exams is what may want to study after AAT ex.
    ACCA sit performance then statements
    CIMA sit statements then performance


  • Marco
    Marco Registered Posts: 23
    I suggest sit on statements first as it is easier to pass it so will give u more power to finish last one
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