Help with VAT Return

Hi everyone! I am hoping someone could give me some help or advice. I am doing the VAT return 03-15 and on checking my figures there is a bit of a difference between my sales from my VAT return and sales from the P & L. Could this be because of the unreconciled transactions which might be included in the VAT Return but not on the P & L for the period? How can i be sure of that? Many Thanks


  • Gem7321
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    It could be a number of things like unreconciled items as you have mentioned, and bank receipts which would be included in Box 6 but which are not sales related, or payments for refunds posted to sales but which would be included in Box 7. What system are you using? If sage you can perform searches on the financials to identify these items and you should be able to reconcile your Box 6 figure to your sales per your TB/P&L.
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