Deaf/BSL employees

nrc_1994 Registered Posts: 9

How do you feel if you got a deaf (who is profoundly deaf and can use British Sign Language) employee in your workplace, how can you communicate with a deaf employee and does you think that deaf employees will work well in the Finance department?

Can you explain me and why? I just want to see what your views is.

Thanks :)


  • BeccaLouJ9
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    Whether they work well or not a finance department has nothing to do with whether they can hear or not.

    I love speaking to deaf people because the deaf culture is so interesting. They are very funny and in the main quite laid back.

    I learnt sign language (BSL) for 'fun' a little while ago and all the deaf/HOH people I know are just as capable of doing hearing people's jobs.

    You could learn a little sign language to communicate. More likely than not, the deaf person will be able to read lips quite well if they are applying for jobs in a mainly hearing environment.

    If I were an employer, I'd have no trouble hiring a deaf employee. I don't think it would even be considered, other than to know whether they feel they would be able to communicate adequately- which by virtue of applying for the job, they obviously would!

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