What Wage do you think I should be on?!

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Hello All,
I am currently aged 17 and I am on an apprenticeship with an accounting company. This apprenticeship was provided by Birmingham Metropolitan College where I attend 1 day a week to practice and do exams etc. What I wanted to know is that I think I am being under paid as I currently do 30 hours per week and I am on £3 per hour which is my wage of £90 per week and when I went to the bank they have said that something does not seem right there and thats the bank talking! Also I have spoken to my AAT tutor myself and she said that it seems a bit odd. Anyway I have currently completed 3 exams at Level 2 and have 2 more left so after completing each exam shouldnt my wage increase?
Many Thanks


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    Hi @ShaneDove369

    If you read the Government's website on the National Minimum Wage, you'll see that the wage for an apprentice under the age of 18 is £2.73 per hour. You are, in fact, being paid higher than is legally required.

    If you have any concerns or questions about your apprenticeship, you could phone or email AAT, but you might find that the people at Apprenticeships.gov.uk can give you more advice. Their number is: 02476 826482.


    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support: https://www.aat.org.uk/contact-us
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    I am 32 and I started AAT as an apprentice....on the wage of £3.72 and I have 2 kids, a house and a husband! So in fact, you are being paid more than the legal minimum. Apprenticeship wages are not like NMW. Employers are in their rights to pay you a lot less (not lower than the minimum) but now my salary has increased and I coped on a terrible wage once! I had to do it to get the job and experience I was after. I haven't looked back. I know its a lot of hours for not a lot of money but the experience is invaluable.
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