Spreadsheets exaam resit (SPSW)

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Hi all,
Sadly I failed my spreadsheets exam and taking the resit in a months time. I've heard that the resit is longer and more difficult than the orginal exam. I was wondering if anybody has a few tips in the modules: accurals and prepayments, depreciation, the rules of accounting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    I'd presume the resit is the same as the first attempt, not the same example but very similar. I remember mine was very similar to the practice example on MyAAT.

    Your other request for tips covers a big area, have a look at the elearning on MyAAT for each topic and if you are still stuck buy another text book, another publisher may suit your learning style more. There are also videos on some topics if you google, there is a webinar on accruals and prepayments on MyAAT which I found helpful.
  • Antonia222Antonia222 Posts: 6Registered
    Thank you very much!
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