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Hi to all
I Just started to do my ICAS project in case study which is Chic Paints Ltd. I have passed my level 2, 3 and now doing my level 4, finished financial performance and statements and start personal tax and budgeting now with ICAS as well.
My problem is im new in UK and english is my second language and i have never done any project before. I really dont know how the report looks like and how can i do my report.
Is there anyone can help me out please or show me how the report looks like


  • Marco
    Marco Registered Posts: 23
    This is sucks, there is 19 viewers but nobody want to help :((((
  • abd-ellahi
    abd-ellahi Registered Posts: 12
    I've done icas report and my layout was like the mock paper. BPP book really helps with the layout and how to write a report. If you really need help don't hesitate to inbox me :)
  • hasan
    hasan Registered Posts: 65
    abd-ellahi , please can you provide me and Marco with a copy of your ICAS Report.
  • sfisher85
    sfisher85 Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    I don't think you'll find anyone willing to send you their complete report, although I may be wrong.

    There are materials available to guide you through it and from what I've seen there are plenty of people happy to help in these forums if there's something specific you are struggling with.

    I'm part way through the project myself and I too am finding it a little difficult despite English being my first language, but it is the first report I've written so I am learning as I go along.
  • Marco
    Marco Registered Posts: 23
    thanks sfisher
  • Marco
    Marco Registered Posts: 23
    got the bpp book, working good mate
  • johnny360
    johnny360 Registered Posts: 11 New contributor ?
    Depending on who you are studying with they normally sent you an example of a report or some of the books have examples in them.
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