Continuity of Practice Nominee South London

phoenixd LondonRegistered Posts: 54
Is there an accountant in the South London/Kent area that will be happy to be a nominee for my practice? I need a nominee for my licence application and though I only freelance part time, I do feel I should have one in place for my and my clients' peace of mind.



  • DorotaD
    DorotaD Registered Posts: 11
    I might consider, based on how many clients you have as I work only part time at the moment. I live in Orpington and got my MIP licence recently.
  • phoenixd
    phoenixd LondonRegistered Posts: 54
    You are ideal, if you will consider it. I only work part time as well and I'm based in Orpington (as well). Is there a PM facility on this thing?
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