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Business Tax Help

BexsterBexster Registered Posts: 31

Im sitting Business Tax next week, has anyone got any tips for me as there are only the two past papers online and they are the same except one uses the old rates??



  • Jade HuntJade Hunt New Member Registered Posts: 19
    I have had the same problem Bexster, wish there were more resources! I have my exam tomorrow. Hope your exam went well :)
  • hasanhasan West YorkshireRegistered Posts: 65
    Hi guys I will be sitting this paper towards the start of July. Can you give me any pointers so I can make changes in my studies. Was the exam similar to the practise papers online and if not what were the differences ?

    I look forward to hearing from you due in course


  • SACKERSSACKERS Just Joined Registered, Tutor Posts: 11
    Use the AAT greenlight tests and this link to two tests provided by osborne
  • hasanhasan West YorkshireRegistered Posts: 65
    Much obliged
  • BexsterBexster Registered Posts: 31
    I found the exam to be very much like the practice one but just with a bit more information and little twists.
  • hasanhasan West YorkshireRegistered Posts: 65
    Thanks for you response Bexster, what should I look out for?
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