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Financial Performance exam on Monday - Variance help!!

Hi guys, im wondering if any of you can help me? I have my exam in a few days and have put so much time and effort into looking at variances but can't grasp any of it for some reason. Even the very basics isn't making sense to me. I don't seem to be able to remember or learn where you use the actual or standard etc. None of it is clicking or sinking in one bit!
Desperate help needed please!


  • HaysahHaysah Feels At Home Registered Posts: 80
    Have you looked on you tube. first Intuition vidioes on these by Gareth John are fab really helped me. I just passed this unit :)
  • HaysahHaysah Feels At Home Registered Posts: 80
    video's excuse typing
  • MarcoMarco Registered Posts: 23
    i just done my exam on that and im confident with variance so if u need to talk get in touch
  • Jennab1Jennab1 Registered Posts: 4
    Thanks guys, I just tried to find the videos but couldn't find them anywhere? i have the exam tonight and i am still only at chapter 3 and stuck! Feel so disappointed with myself, haven't failed one so far but im certain i will this one :(
  • NazharNazhar SheffieldRegistered Posts: 2
    hi how did you get on the financial performance exam I got mine on Wednesday dreading it. I passed all the level 3 exams first times and have passed financial statements first but scared of this one..
  • Jennab1Jennab1 Registered Posts: 4
    Hiya i ended up postponing it till next Wednesday. Just couldn't get my head around it and didn't have enough time! How did you find it?
  • shamil91shamil91 Registered Posts: 94
    Hi there,

    Please see my drop box link I did a break down on material variances a while back, it might make it a bit easier to understand?

    See link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/gi1g0o1ud4nrliz/Material Variances.doc?dl=0

    Kind regards

  • NazharNazhar SheffieldRegistered Posts: 2
    Hi jennab, sorry for late reply just logged on yes the financial performance paper went fine just waiting for result should come anytime soon. How did u get on?? Got budgeting tommorow dreading the questions on reports etc
  • hasanhasan West YorkshireRegistered Posts: 65
    Don't worry about it I had my FNPF exam last week and it was very similar to the mock practise papers online
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