Maximum time frame to complete level 4


I began studying for level 4 in December 2014, I have completed 2 exams as well as my ICAS. I was wondering how long I have to complete the other exams before I have to start the level all over again? Or is there no time frame?

If anyone could help i would be very grateful, thanks.


  • ariadne
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    As far as I am aware you don't have a time limit until a syllabus change. Once the change is announced they'll give a deadline, although not all exams are subject to change so some exams are transferable to the new syllabus. For example, the 2013 syllabus started in September 2013 with a deadline for the old syllabus of December 2014, and the only change (I think) was the project where a small additional document could be used to transfer that pass to the new syllabus.
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