Linking MyAAT account to a training provider

Hi, I am due to sit my SDST exam soon and my training provider (Kaplan distance learning) said I must ensure that my MyAAT account is linked to the centre code for the training do I do this? I have checked every option on my account but not seeming to find anything about training providers! Any help greatly appreciated!


  • ariadneariadne Posts: 218Registered
    Give AAT a call, it may be just needing to update AAT on where your exam will take place. If your provider and exam centre are the same company it should be fine. I did it with Kaplan and had no problem. The invigilators will help upload the exam as needed so the tutor can mark it.
  • victoriaaatvictoriaaat Posts: 2Registered
    thanks for your reply. I eventually found that I had set my training provider when registering with AAT at the start of my Level 2, so it should be fine. Thanks for your help.
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