Accounts Prep 2 - Exam Notes

Hi all,

New to the Forum but was hoping people might be able to share exam tips for Accounts Prep 2 (Prepare final accounts for sole traders and partnerships), Exam next week!!!

I like to get into the exam room and write down helpful hints before I start the exam so that I can work off my notes if I get stuck (and also remember all the simple things that seem to disappear from my head as soon as I click start on the exam!).

Just wondering if anyone has any clever ways to remember anything or acronyms that you have seen or heard that have been handy for you.


  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Be careful about writing things before you start the exam as they could confiscate anything you write. Although you are safe to do so once the timer has started. I found it helpful to write the type of question for each section - this info is in the exam feedback doc on MyAAT. There are a couple of tip posts around so do a search - one was supposed to be included in a document for students but I've only seen these at L4 so far. I wrote some tips too but it's now a blur.
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