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Hi all,

I have read quiet a few posts on which accounting softwares people are using and I was wondering if you could advise on Quickbooks online software as I can see they have an offer for £7.20 plus VAT a month as the simplest one and would this be good for a new practice with 2-3 clients to start with or would you recommend a different one?

Thanks a lot


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  • David Ballantyne
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    If you are looking for software to install on your computer, you could have a look at Gnucash. I have been looking at this for my practice and it looks like it will be suitable for doing small business accounts. It is free open source software. Search Google for Gnucash.

    If you are looking for an online accounting solution. You could try having a look at Wave Apps accounting software. This is free online accounting funded by minimal advertising. I have not looked at it in detail yet so cannot comment on how good it is.

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    I have tried wave apps and it's really good. The only downfall is that it doesn't support cash accounting. Otherwise it pretty much does everything else :)
  • jmorgo7
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    Quickfile is a great cloud accounting package. It's free to use but accountants pay a small fee based on the number of clients so they can manage all their clients from one account.
  • Cristobalina
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    thanks for your comments, much appreciated, I will have a look at those!
  • ClaireS17
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    I use VT+. It's really simple and very cheap. It also lets you have as many companies as you want without charging per company you set up, as some do. It also gives you a free 30 day trial so might be worth a look.
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