Where to practice the finance software

Hi,everyone,I need help.I'm self study computerized accounting now,and I really need to practice and use software.where can I practice?I have low budget for it.I appreciate a lot if someone can help to advice,anyone answer me will pass all levels and get high paied job.thanks


  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    I think you can get a free trial with Sage. Google it and make sure your computer is compatible too. There are offers on eBay for the software otherwise. You may have an issue self studying because the exam is marked by a provider, you either need an exam centre which is really helpful and will mark it for an extra fee or you may have to buy the module from a provider - this will include the software and other resources. This is the same for spreadsheets at L3 and I think ethics now too. Unfortunately computerised accounting it's an expensive module, I had a shop around and first intuition seems cheaper at £175 plus exam fee to your exam centre. Although they only provide software for a set period. I skipped L2 exams so didn't do it myself but am considering doing just this module at some point.
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