Help with spreadsheets please! Anyone?

NokiNoki Posts: 6Registered
Hi. I need help with spreadsheets please. I am doing my exam in two weeks time (12/05/15) and I am so nervous. Please get back to me if you are very familiar with spreadsheets. Thanks


  • ariadneariadne Posts: 218Registered
    What help do you need? I found this exam very similar to the practice one on MyAAT, less complicated than the Kaplan practice tests. If you don't feel ready consider postponing until you are - I only every booked one exam before being ready as its too stressful as you don't know how long you need and it's a waste of money if you fail, although you can be ready in 2 weeks if you have time to study. Most is very easy with a few tricky bits that are a little complicated and need memorising carefully. Keep practicing and buy another revision guide if you need more practice questions. If you know someone who is a bit of an excel expert get them to go through those tricky bits with you or watch some YouTube tutorials. It can be easier to understand when shown, and in your own time, rather than reading from a book.
  • NokiNoki Posts: 6Registered
    Thank you for the great advise Ariadne. I passed =)
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