Submitting Work Experience

I've noticed when submitting work experience that it is not possible to go further back than 2010. Am I missing something or do you just have to put a start date as 2010 for any experience going back further than that?


  • ChristianB
    ChristianB Registered Posts: 197 ? ? ?
    Hi @hanruss24

    For full membership you can’t go back further than five years. Since it's competency based anyway, you wouldn’t need to go back that far.


    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support:
  • hanruss24
    hanruss24 Registered Posts: 6
    Thanks @ChristianB . I will be submitting from my current role anyway, it's just that the start date of my role is 2008. Not a problem to just submit from 2010 onwards
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