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Does anyone self study level 4? How difficult it is? I just finished level 3 ( self study) and I am not sure what to do next. Unfortuntly I can't pay for study with a training provider and thinking to try buy the books and study at my own. In wich order I should start with the exams and how difficult are?
I wonder if with L3 I will can find a job in London, I have experience but is gained abroad.
Thank You!


  • wabisabi
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    Hi there
    I self-studied for L3 and got through it all with no problems.

    I decided to go with a distance learning provider for L4 on the basis that I'd have to be with a provider for the ISYS project and so I might as well pay a bit extra and get full support for every paper.

    I regret it a bit now - I could probably have done as well and saved a bit by buying a full set of text books from each of the main publishers (Osborne, Kaplan and BPP) and used them to self-study. They also provide some good online resources.

    The exams are definitely a step up from L3. I started with Financial Statements, Financial Performance, Budgeting, ISYS and probably the two tax units.

    Good luck
  • ariadne
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    I'm self studying, so far just through financial statements but may convert the study to ACCA exams instead as this will be cheaper than AAT - once I factor in the project module with a distance provider. This module has been fine so I'm glad I haven't opted for support, although if you struggle with a particular module you could buy just that module or attend a revision workshop which some providers offer. It is certainly a step up in the amount and complexity but doable, just need a good memory for some aspects.

    I only started with FS as I finished L3 with the similar module. Budgeting and Financial a Performance relate to Costs and Revenues and it's often recommended to do budgeting before FP. Same for doing personal tax prior to business tax if you choose these options.

    As for jobs I would go for it, experience in other countries will be useful as it shows the skills if not knowledge of specific systems - although there should be a lot of similarities across the globe due to the international standards and guidance so could make no difference where you worked. Try approaching accounting agencies for guidance and potential job roles.
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