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Hi everyone,

I'v been studying AAT level 4 in a college and have completed the project too (My college teachers used to provide my printed exam reports or results). Now my college year has ended and I am expected to give those 2 papers in different AAT exam venues. I did give my 1st paper lately and I hope I pass. Suppose I fail. From whom or where should I get my feedback results?
In short who would act as my training provider in this situation? Or do I have to contact kaplan and pay them just for those 2 printed result ?
Any suggestions would be great :) !!
Thank you.


  • wabisabi
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    I am with a distance learning provider (not Kaplan) but I have to book my exams independently at my local Kaplan centre. I just email the Kaplan centre where I sit my exams and they email the feedback back to me at no cost.

    Hope this is what you mean.
  • ritz45
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    I just emailed them asking for the feedback, hope it works with me :anguished:
    Because in my case, my exam centre was pitman.
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