Hardest topic at Level 3?

RosieCarlisle Greater ManchesterRegistered Posts: 60
For anyone that's completed Level 3 (or is on the way), I'm curious which section/topic you found the hardest? I just started a few weeks ago and am about to take my first exam, Accounts Preparation. I haven't found this section too bad... but I've heard some things about the difficulties of Costs & Revenues!


  • BU982T
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    Prepare Final Accounts for Sole Traders and Partnerships was probably the one that took the most amount of time for me. It wasn't difficult, but a lot to learn. I also sat this exam on the same day as Accounts Preparation and didn't get to revise as my iPad crashed. I didn't find Cost and Revenues difficult at all. I've now moved onto Level 4 and Budgeting and Financial performance overlap a lot with each other and with Cost and Revenues. Budgeting only took 7 days to go through and Financial Performance a little over two weeks. So definitely one of the easier units for me..
  • zebra246
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    I found 2 modules that might challenge a majority of students,

    1. Costs and Revenues. This exam has a lot of number crunching. You need to be fully focused and well prepared for the exam. This exam may well take you a couple of hours including checking time.

    2. Professional Ethics. There is a fair bit to learn. The questions are often oddly put. Some students may find it hard to structure a narrative.

    It pretty much depends on your experience though. If you deal with VAT every day, the ITAX module will be a doddle. If you use Excel, then you should have no problem with SDST.

    However if you want the definitive answer, read the examiner's comments on the AAT website. They give a breakdown of how students fared on each module, on each task, on each year. You will find this in the study support section.
  • RosieJane
    RosieJane Registered Posts: 35
    PETH was the worst for me. I found the subject rather dry and struggled to retain the information
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