ISYS is killing me!!!



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    Thanks for responding Christina. Unfortunately, I've been told that this is my final lot of feedback. My tutor did say that I could go in and see her, but I just want the whole process finished (it's been going on since January - long story!), so have opted against it (probably very stupidly, but I'm hectic with work and have started my ATT so want to get on with that in any free time I have)! I managed to precis down to 5,400 odd words, so I assume this is within the acceptable 10%. I already have 13 appendices and I felt everything in the main document needed to be there. I have just submitted my final document, so that is that. I'm convinced it's not passed as I'm still feel so unsure as to what they're after!

    No you can't map just to an appendix. I did that in my first draft and was told categorically not to!

    Well done for having hardly anything to change in yours. It sounds like you've made a much better start than I did. I found the mapping document hideous - continually having to reference back and forth and getting confused as to what paragraph was what, but I think I finally got there with that at least!

    Hope you get the go ahead after your next revision.
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    It's been a little while since these posts - how have you all got on? Success I hope! The issues are still the same for those of us following behind you - stumped by the Ethics & Sustainability reviews; frustrated by feedback; reaching the 'past caring' stage! I wish I'd given up at the outset, as soon as I could see it was unlikely to be achievable for me!! Instead my life has been consumed by this impossible beast for 2 months now! Anyway - hope your positive outcomes will prove inspiring ...
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    I'm only at the introduction stage but have found that information from here (think it was Karen Mustard - sorry if the names wrong) and other thread have helped, not sure if you are using one of the text books but I found them very helpful and they almost guide you through the criteria that you need to cover for each step. I struggled to get started but once I went through the book I managed to crack on and get (hopefully) criteria covered.
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    Hi anyone struggling with your report. I did mine three years ago as a mature distance learner. At times I felt like scrapping it and starting again and when finished felt I had created something that I was not especially proud of. My best advice is to use the mapping document and make sure all the requirements are in the right sections. Also, keep going and don't give up and the very best of luck!
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    Not been on in a while :)

    Passed my project after a major Hick-up.
    My tutor went off sick which turned into permanent sick leave, and BPP didn't realise that she had active students and no one was checking her emails!

    Luckily the we(the students) had a forum to communicate with each other and someone had another tutors email address.

    I was expecting first draft feedback at the end of July, as had been told by my the end I got feedback second week of September. After very minor adjustments it was fine though. and submitted to AAT week later.

    Whole episode had impact on my plans for the year though :/
    My second child was born end September so no time to take my BTAX exam until after, and still waiting on results because was limited availability of exam dates.

    So no starting ACCA before Xmas which was an aim.

    Hope everyone else is finished and passed by now, this is a old thread I suppose.
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    My report was passed on the 2nd draft and I've now finished Level 4. I'm currently looking for work, have been doing some work experience with a bookkeeper and I would like to work in practice. I'd quite like to explore the tax routes for further study.

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby, @richf! And glad you got through the ISYS minefield too. It didn't kill you after all :) Good luck with ACCA
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    edited January 2016
    Hey @Christina,

    Well done!

    I'm finished and in similar position to you.
    Currently hunting for a job. But with minimal experience it's tough.
    I'm thinking of going part time in my current job and temping to make up the experience gap.
    Then try to get into a proper job later in the year.

    I've held off doing ACCA for now, so can focus on the hunt :)

    And the baby is nearly four months, at the smiling and shouting stage now :)
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