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Isys How much is Credit Insurance

johnny360johnny360 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 11
I am trying to find out how much credit insurance costs so I can include it in my report but it doesn't say on any of the websites as it seems it all varies on how large the business is, its sales etc. I have tried emailing a couple of companies but they haven't replied. Is there a website that anyone knows of that will give me an answer? Thanks


  • shamil91shamil91 Registered Posts: 94
    Hi there,

    This should help you out : https://www.allianz.com/en/products_solutions/business_insurance/credit_insurance/

    Many thanks

    Kind regards

  • johnny360johnny360 Just Joined Registered Posts: 11
    Thanks Shamil
  • shamil91shamil91 Registered Posts: 94
    Your most welcome, hope that helps you out

    Kind regards

  • richfrichf Just Joined Registered Posts: 86
    I'm sure that it will be too late to help you on this, but these links may help others who land here.....it was a struggle to get useful ideas of costs!!!!


    Hopefully helps someone!
    I was almost ready to give up on this cost/benefit !
  • MightyquinMightyquin Registered Posts: 3
    Hi, I work in Credit Insurance and have had a number of enquiries about the potential cost of cover from accountancy students.

    Credit insurance isn't an off the peg type of product and cover can be structured in many different ways to meet the particular needs of the company.

    Cost also depends on a number of factors such as their previous track record i.e. do they have a regular level of bad debt, their trade sector/s, export markets, size of turnover, maximum exposure, number of customers etc.

    Premiums are either quoted as a % of sales or an overall cost for an annual policy.

    I'm happy to answer any questions.

    James Earley
    CMR Insurance Services Ltd

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