VAT Communication

I need your help about VAT Communication on the practice assessment and I still not understand with the calendar (please see Bold text).

Task 8:-

Today's date is 12 March 20X0.

Draft an email to the financial controller of Mattsam Ltd advising him of the amount of VAT that will be paid or received and the date that is due.

To: Financial controller
From: Accounts assistant

Date: 12 March 20X0

Subject: Completed VAT Return

Please be advised that I have just completed the VAT Return for the quarter ended 28 February 20X0 (I am understand this clearly)

The VAT Return must be filled by 7 April 20X0 (I am still not understand how this date to be calculated, can anybody helps me how to calculated please)

The amount of VAT payable will be £46,440.00


  • Jules18
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    Three possible filing dates

    Quarter ended 28 Feb

    Option 1 - old manual filing system used by very few now - Return posted and payment had to be processed by HMRC by end of following month ie 31 March.

    Option 2 - Electronic payment used by many - you get an extra seven calendar days - payment and e-submission by 7 April

    Option 3 - Signed up for direct debit by HMRC - payment taken up to three days later ie by 10 April.

    Hope this helps
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