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Hi Everyone,

I am 57 years old and just one month away from completing level 3, so I have to consider my options:-

1. Which specialist units to study on level 4 (Which will give me the most options for employment!)?
2. Should I go all out and continue my studies on to a chartered route?

Could anyone advise me as to my best options so I may get a career. I also currently have no work experience either.

Help me if you can.


Carol D


  • StuartW
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  • richf
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    I went for Personal Tax and Business Tax, despite hating the Indirect Tax module at level 3.

    One of my tutors recommended them as I want to study ACCA next and was told they would be most useful for that. I would of thought they would be useful if your aim were to work for yourself in the long run too.

    Though I've heard credit control may be an easier module, and kinda wishing I'd done the audit module, but I suppose I'll pick up on audit knowledge with ACCA.
  • MirandaN
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    Hi Carol. I went for Personal Tax and Business Tax and think these are both really useful for practice work. I have wanted to progress to chartered (probably ACCA) but cannot yet afford the cost of the training. Hope to do it bit by bit. I am now working for myself as a MIP and the tax modules are very useful for that.
  • phoenixd
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    Not wishing to burst bubbles but do you realise @MirandaN that once you start ACCA, working for yourself isn't an option unless you're happy being a bookkeeper? Also, with the additional 'training-in-practice' years needed before a practice licence is granted, if Carol follows that path, she will be well into her 60s before even getting started. CIMA is a better route as there are no restraints on self employment but to be honest (from me as someone with an ACCA certificate who left the ACCA years ago), being an MIP with the AAT shouldn't be underestimated. Out there in freelance land, it's not the plethora of docs on your wall, it's what you know.
  • CarolD
    CarolD Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks for all your comments both on the forum and facebook. It has given me a lot to consider.
    Cheers Carol
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