Unable to access Practice Assessments

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Hi, i was wondering if somebody can help me. I'm attempting to complete the practice assessments on the secureaccess via my macbook pro but i can't get passed the opening screen as it won't show the 'next' button. I've tried accessing this via safari & chrome but to no avail. Has anybody else had this trouble? Any help would be great as my exam is on Friday!

Thanks, Liam


  • shamil91
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    Hi Liam,

    Sorry to hear that the next button doest appear, in order to resolve this in any browser you can press F11 and it will ensure that the screen goes full screen that way it will show the next button. If that does not work then on google chrome if you look near the right hand corner below the X you will see 3 dashed lines click on that you will get a drop down menu, then you will see zoom in the list which is already usually set at 100% but next to it there is a dashed sqaure box click on that to make it full screen.

    I hope this helps you out and good luck

    Kind regards

  • Clayy1990
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    Hi, thanks for the responses. It still doesn't appear to be working, i am now able to scroll down to the bottom of the screen but the 'start assessment' button isn't showing. I've gone on to the practice assessments via a windows PC and it appears to remain as a constant at the bottom of the screen as opposed to being a scroll down.
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