Please help me with cost and revenue reapportionment question

I'm new at this site.
If any one can help with question, I will be so please.
Hi All

Totally confused by a task on reapportionment costs, We have been given in the revision kit in kaplan book.
Task 26 Aquarious:
I'm understand how to do the first part of this table, but when is come with reapportion question, I just totally confuse with this question, I know is something to do percentages.

Reapportion Admintration

Answer per book is

Assembly Finishing Maintenance Stores General Admin

Reapportion Maintenance 88000 88000 52800 35200 264000
Reapportionment 56800 34080 22720 113600
of stores
Reapportionment 176340 58780 235120
General expenses

I just don’t get how they got the figures for the reapporion for maintanance, stores and general expenses. Any helpful explanations would be good and the text book isn’t that helpful on this. If you want get full description for this task I sent this task by email. If any one can help me, I try this number of tmes, still i getting wrong answer please help me



  • MrsWright
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    Do you want to email me the complete question as it is not clear?
  • Peter9994
    Peter9994 Registered Posts: 3
    yes, if can send you. I will prefer sent by email
  • MrsWright
    MrsWright Registered Posts: 19
    Yes anytime. I will keep my eye out for it ;)
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