Sitting level 4 exams at different assessment centres

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I have a query with taking exams at different assessment centres

I'm currently doing my AAT level 4. I study with BPP online classroom and have currently sat the exams for Financial Performance, Budgeting and Credit Control at the BPP centre in Nottingham.

I’m now looking to book my financial statements exam, and I cannot get in at BPP Nottingham due to them moving premises and was told to check back in a couple of weeks.
I’ve checked on the Kaplan site and I can easily book myself in at their assessment venue in Nottingham online.

My question is would this be ok to sit the exam at Kaplan or would I not be able to as I have sat exams already at BPP and a study with them?
My centre code is BPP distance learning

Any advice would be greatly appreciated



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    I switched and swapped between Kaplan and BPP all through AAT. I self studied so had no loyalty to either and just went with whoever could offer me the best dates at the time. I just had to keep calling AAT to change my centre code (else I was told that the exam centre wouldn't be able to access the exam for me).

    The only time it was an issue was whilst I was doing the project - I did that with one provider and sat 4 exams in a week with another, so I had to call AAT after every exam to switch back to my project provider so that they could access it and mark it (only to have to switch back every morning in order to sit that days exam).
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