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As is the case with most employers who fund an employee's enrollment of a course, such as AAT, there is a certain level of commitment required. One common caveat is that if the employee leaves within ‘x’ number of years, they are liable for the the tuition costs (or a diminishing cost based on when they leave).

E.g. If an employer pays for you to attend a £2000 course, and you leave the organisation during the course or within 2 years of completion, you are expected to reimburse the organisation for the full amount (which is more than fair given they have invested in you).

Question: If you decide you no longer want to work for them, what is the likelihood of a prospective employer, who also funds such courses, shouldering the cost?

I’m looking at the possibility of starting ACCA / CIMA, but if I took the employer funding, I would be committed for the duration of the course plus two years.

Anyone had a similar experience?


  • CeeJaySix
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    If you work in practice, it is common for your new employer to reimburse the old for your training if they want to take you on whilst you're tied in by such a contract. Couldn't comment on industry.
  • Madcelts
    Madcelts Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you for the response. I expect it would be the case in industry but as you know, to assume....
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