Dead end accounts department?

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I have recently started a new (my first) accountancy job in the accounts department of a large company. My role is doing accounts reconciliation. I basically compare an invoice and a ticket with the order the company made. If its correct then I tick a box and if it's not then I put it to one side and write a brief description on the problem. It takes a minute or two (at the most) to reconcile an invoice. There are around 7 of us all doing this job all day every day. I have the feeling that this might turn out to be a dead end job. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Will doing AAT level 4 get me promoted any quicker in a job like this? Should I get out whilst I can? Any input on this would be appreciated as I can't find much about this online.


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    You can't expect to get promoted if you've only just started, especially if it's your first accounts role too! I think if the people are bearable and job is manageable you should stick it out for at least a year to build solid experience. During that time learn about the company, about the people, how to get further etc. Some companies don't like people who want to progress too quickly. If there's no progression after that time then find something else.

    If you're confident starting Level 4 then by all means do it. I'm in a similar situation and I'm waiting until I've worked at my current company for a year before I apply for a more varied accounting role. I'm lucky as I get a lot of downtime which I (try) to use productively to study - I'm doing level 3. Good luck.
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    I think it is a good job and I do plan on sticking it out, but I am just worried that it might take a long time to start earning any decent money from it. I also wonder about whether to do the level 4 if I will still be doing the same thing in a year. I appreciate that all jobs are repetitive but it feels a bit like a factory line crossed with an office. If that makes sense :s lol
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