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Having just finished level 3 via self study, I am eager to get onto level 4. For those who have taken this route, what order would you advise the units being taken in? What time frame did you complete them all? I am looking to take around a year, to fit in with full time work commitments and as to not rush myself, but has anyone else been able to do this quicker when also working full time? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks


  • Jade Hunt
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    I would advise Budgeting first, as this follows on very nicely from L3.
    Then Financial Performance, Financial Statements, option 1, option 2, ISYS.
    (I did ISYS alongside a unit, because I didn't want to extend the course length too much...)

    I started Level 4 in January 2014, was getting on really well and had passed Budgeting, Performance, PTAX and ISYS by summer. Because of horror stories I had heard about Financial Statements I didn't then look at my books until February this year. Turns out Statements really isn't that bad, its just quite a big book! I have my final exam in BTAX tomorrow.

    It is definitely possible to complete Level 4 within a year, sooner depending on how much time you have available to study. If you set yourself a target to do a unit every other month, then you will be done within 12 months :)
  • Bendy
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    Hi how do you go about self study. How/where did you take your exams. Also did you use Kaplan or Osbourne books. I've been studying fast track at college level 2 and now 3, unfortunately the cost and also the dates for level 4 don't suit me but I don't want to stop here. Thank you
  • vvictoriaross
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    Thanks for the advice Jade, this looks like a good order to put them in! I have anjoyed a break, now will get back to it! Bendy, I simply work my way through the BPP work books and questions online. I sometimes buy them second hand, a year old or so. I managed to get the budgeting work book and question bank book for £5 in total from ebay. The AAT website has a list of exam providers. I will be booking through Kaplan, as they are just over £50 each. Some can cost up to £100 per exam. It really also depends if you can learn by yourself easily. It works for me luckily, and definitely proves the most cost effective. However I appreciate many people prefer classroom based learning.
  • Countrybumpkin
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    ISYS is the killer when self studying, as you have to use a provider the cost is quite significant so just be aware of that. Good luck with your studies.
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